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What Teams Say about the Relay

"The Diamond City Mountain Relay is a date we look forward to throughout the year, as it's a great opportunity to revel in running in our incredible natural surroundings with like-minded friends. The event is incredibly well-run and each year it presents unique experiences.

As a high school coach, it's incredibly rewarding to have this event on our schedule because it provides our runners an opportunity to break out of their routine and have fun with friends doing what they love." - Jesse Zentz


"Diamond City Mountain Relay should definitely be on your race list! A fun and gritty experience for sure! We loved the mountain top views and dinners around the campfire with teammates after a long day of running." - Katelyn McKay


"Diamond City Mountain Relay was a blast! The views in the mountains each day, paired with the camaraderie and competition between teams was super fun! One of my favorite parts was spending the early morning out in nature and watching the sun come up with my friends.


It was my favorite part of the summer. I definitely look forward to it every year. It was really fun to meet new people from other teams and cheer them on too." - Quinn Clark & Columbia Falls High School Friends

"The relay is tons of fun with so many gorgeous Montana views! I have met lots of new people and walked away each year with new friendships. I would highly recommend getting a team together and signing up!" - Reghan Worley

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